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Color Management for Your Digital Printing Needs

Custom Printer Profiles – A Low-Cost Color Management Solution

Breathe new life into your digital printing workflow with ICC custom printer profiles – a low-cost solution for professional photographers and others who demand precise color results from their printers.  Using the power of i1Profiler (i1Publish), the very latest and most advanced professional color management software from X-Rite®, I can create a Color custom printer profile for any combination of RGB printer and paper you use.

I offer secure payment through PayPal, and a quick visit to my Purchase page will reveal that an ICC-compliant custom printer profile costs just $35.  And delivery time is as good as it gets – usually less than a day!  Check out the menu links listed at the top of the page – especially Color Management 101 – to discover how a custom printer profile can make your life easier and your printer output much more satisfying.  I encourage you to pay a visit to my Instructions pages to learn how to acquire an ICC custom printer profile from this website, and use it successfully in your digital printing workflow.  If you are already familiar with the “process” and understand the steps involved to print the target image and send it to me for measurement and evaluation, then you can go straight to my Downloads page to obtain all the various files and documents or instructions you will need in order to accomplish that.

Why Bother With a Custom Printer Profile?

There are lots of “generic” printer profiles already available from numerous sources, including printer manufacturers.  Sometimes these profiles will work okay for you – but just as often, they will give you disappointing results.  I invite you to dig deeper into this website to learn the reasons why – and what you can do to change that. Visit my  Color Management 101  page for a quick and informative article about how your results can be improved by using an ICC custom printer profile that is designed especially for your digital printing workflow.  Or check out the Testimonials  page to read what clients have said about my custom printer profiles and the level of customer service I provide.  It doesn’t matter if you have a PC or a Mac — using a custom printer profile may just be the most important thing you can do to improve the quality of your printing experience.

If you want to get the very best color from your printer; if you want the images you print to look as close as possible to the images you see on your calibrated and profiled monitor – then you need to be using an ICC custom printer profile created from the output from your computer system, your printer, and the paper and inks you use. This is the unique power of my custom printer profiles – and no generic or canned profile can deliver printed color results that are as accurate.  Period!

— Rick Ashford