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Printing the Target Image

The ultimate success of the profiling process hinges on your ability to print an accurate target image, which you will send to me for measurement and evaluation. This is what I will use to create your custom RGB Printer Profile. Just a few quick steps and you are on your way. The next few paragraphs are really important for getting it right…

First, visit the Downloads page, and download to your desktop the TARGET IMAGE KIT, a “zipped” file that contains both pages of the target image file, which you will need to print and send to me. The zipped file also contains a PDF order form and checklist. You need to print this order form, fill it out carefully, and send it to me along with your printed target image.  Hopefully, the checklist will help you avoid missing anything important.  When you extract the contents of the zipped Target Image Kit onto your computer desktop, the files will install themselves automatically into a separate folder named “target_image_kit,” also on your computer desktop.  If you are using Windows, the “zipped” files can be extracted using WinZip. If you are using a Mac, extract the files with Stuffit.  (If you don’t have this software, there are links below and also on the  Downloads  page that will allow you to obtain usable trial versions).

Each target image is designed to print on Letter size paper (8½ X 11 in.).  The RGB Color target image contains 1,728 unique color patches, which when printed and evaluated, will allow for the creation of a custom RGB Color printer profile.  When you walk through the process of setting up your system for printing the target image, you will need to make sure color management is turned off in the printing software you are using on your PC or Mac, and also in the printer driver for the printer you are using.

Accessing the settings in your printer driver is the final step in your set-up process for printing the target image.  Once you are satisfied color management has been turned off in both the PC or Mac software you are using, as well as in the printer driver, you are ready to send each page of the target image to your printer.

Just a couple of things to remember in order to get set up correctly for printing the target image…  Set up your computer and your printer with the parameters and settings you like and want.  EXCEPT FOR THIS… Color Management must be turned OFF – in the printing software on your PC or Mac, and also when you set up your printer driver.  That’s it.  Once this is done, you are ready to go.  But if you’re using an Adobe app (Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements)  on your computer, you have another important issue to consider.  Read on…

A Problem With Photoshop

After downloading and extracting the contents of the Target Image Kit, your next step is to print each page of the target image. But there is a caveat… Color Management must be turned off during the printing process. This is essential! But if you use any of Adobe’s software offerings – like Photoshop, Elements, or Lightroom – you will find that Adobe printing software will not allow you to turn off Color Management.  And you will be unable to print an accurate target image.  

However… you have options. It is perfectly fine if  you do your regular image printing with Photoshop software – you will only need to find something different for the purpose of printing your target image.  (Photoshop will work fine once you have your profiles created and are using them to print images using Photoshop software. It is only the process of printing the target image that is a problem.)

Here is a great solution:

I strongly recommend using Qimage One to print your target image.  This excellent software is designed specifically for printing and will easily allow you to do so with Color Management turned off.  Additionally, Qimage One can be downloaded and used free for a 14-day trial period.  Problem solved.  Qimage One has been designed for cross-platform use, making it possible to use with either Mac or Windows operating systems.  The best  part is that Qimage One is really outstanding software.  You may seriously find yourself wanting to include it in your regular printing workflow.  Check out their website to learn more about the features of Qimage:  – and visit their downloads page to obtain a working trial version:

How To Obtain WinZip -or- Stuffit

A working trial version of either one of these programs (WinZip for PC  -or- Stuffit for Mac) can be downloaded by clicking on one of the following links:

WinZip (download here)                 ●                Stuffit (download here)



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