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What You Need To Send

Read the instructions that you download with your target files very carefully.  Make sure you print both pages of the target image in landscape mode — if you select portrait mode by mistake, the images will not fit on the page.  Once you have printed all pages of the target image with the specific printer and specific paper you want profiled, complete the order form and choose a name for your ICC profile that will make sense to you.  Be as creative as you want with your own naming conventions – whatever makes sense to you, as long as you don’t exceed 20 characters.  Whatever you choose for your profile name will be “sandwiched” between a suffix and a prefix that I provide.  The suffix will always be “-mm-yy”, to signify the month and year of creation.  The prefix will always be “A -“, which will cause any profiles I have created for you to appear at the top of your dropdown list of profiles. It will also group all of the profiles I have created in one place at the top of the list.  Make sure you write your choice for a profile name in the designated place on the order form, and also in the designated place on each page of the target image that you print.  There is also a place there to write your name.  If you print more than one target, make sure you include a separate order form for each profile you are ordering.

Examine each printed target carefully.  The color patches should be free of banding and/or unexpected gaps, and you should allow sufficient time for the ink to dry thoroughly before you pack it up for shipment. When you write your profile name and information on the target page, it is best to use a fine ballpoint pen or pencil – please print this information carefully so it will be easy for me to read.  I don’t want to get your profile name wrong!

Package everything carefully so the target image(s) enclosed won’t be damaged during shipment.  I recommend you protect each target image with a sheet of blank paper against the printed side.  The target image pages will fit easily in a letter-sized cardboard document mailer – they are available from the post office, from most commercial shippers, or from any store that sells mailing/shipping supplies.  A standard 9” x 12” manila envelope is also sufficient, but protect the contents from being damaged in transit by enclosing one or more pieces of stiff paper or cardboard. If your printed targets arrive crumpled or torn they will NOT be usable, and it will be impossible to make profiles from them.

Send all printed pages of the target along with the order form to the following address:

          Rick Ashford
          1603 Millbrook Drive
          Johnson City, TN  37604-1483

Any method of shipment is okay – but I strongly recommend shipping methods that provide tracking and delivery confirmation — like U.S. Priority Mail or UPS Ground.  And expedited delivery options like Express Mail, Next Day, or 2nd Day – by UPS or FedEx – will also work just fine.

When you send me the package, also send an email message to  this email address , which contains the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your complete mailing address
  • Your Phone number (or numbers) – where you can most easily be reached, and best times to do so
  • Email address to which you want the profile order delivered
  • Quantity of profiles you are ordering

Make sure you visit the Purchase page on my website and complete the payment for your profile(s). You have a number of payment options available, including cash, check, or U.S. postal money order.  But I prefer that you use my link to PayPal. Here, you can pay by credit card, debit card, or by a transfer from your bank account.  Among the benefits of using PayPal… you will receive an email receipt immediately, showing the date and amount of payment.  Also, I will be able to process your order as soon as it arrives, without delay.  Sending a personal check is acceptable, but processing and delivering your order will take more time while I wait for your check to clear.  There will be a chargeback fee if your check is returned for any reason. I discourage sending cash in the mail.

I will deliver your ordered profile(s) as soon as possible after I receive your target(s).  The majority of profiles are delivered within one working day of receipt, and frequently delivery will occur on the very same day.  But unless there are unusual problems or circumstances beyond my control, it has never taken me more than a few working days to process an order and deliver profiles.

Delivery of your order consists of sending you an email with a personal link to a folder on my website, where you can download your profiles. All the profiles you ordered will be compressed together in a single ZIP file. You will have access to download your profiles for at least a week.  And please… I urge you to add my email address – – to your email provider’s list of “safe” email senders.  I have had several profile delivery emails get diverted from a customer’s inbox as spam or junk email.  And of course, I don’t know about it until I get an angry email asking, “Where is my profile??”  Adding my email address to your email safe list is easy, and it will ensure a problem-free delivery of your profiles.

The i1Profiler software by X-Rite® allows for the creation of different profile variants, according to your printing needs.  You will actually receive three separate versions of each profile that you order.  Here is a description of the characteristics considered with the configuration of each profile variant:

  • The Colorful variant is configured for maximum vibrancy. Color saturation and contrast have been boosted, probably at the expense of some fine detail rendering, with an emphasis on maintaining neutral gray.
  • The Saturated variant boosts saturation and contrast less than with the Colorful variant, and there is less of an emphasis on maintaining neutral gray. The overall impact finds a nice balance between rendering vibrant colors and minimizing loss of detail.
  • The Neutral variant is configured to maintain as much image detail as possible and does not boost contrast or color saturation at all. Also, the emphasis on neutral gray (color accuracy) is stronger than the Saturated variant, but less than the Colorful variant.

I strongly recommend that you try each of these three variants of your profile.  Each one has its strengths and weaknesses, and you may find that some of your images will be rendered with more pleasing results, depending on the profile variant you choose to use.  The differences between them will probably be subtle.  It is very much a matter of personal taste.  So please give them all a try.

The printed targets and order forms that you send me will become the property of Profiles by Rick as soon as I receive them, and these documents will NOT be returned to you.  I will save them, along with the profiles I create for you – for 30 days – in case there are any problems that we need to deal with involving your profiles.  (See more details in the section entitled “If You Have Problems…”).

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