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The following links will assist you with setting up color management for the most popular printers, and also how to use color management with the applications most commonly used for printing images. Take a look…

A glossary of common color management terms

Canon Cameras and Printers:

Adobe Photoshop:

Adobe Lightroom:

Photoshop Elements:


Other Great Color Management Links

X-Rite Display Solutions website:

The premier website for color management information and products to help you manage the color input and output on all sorts of devices – from scanners to display monitors and projectors, printers and more.  Access a variety of excellent training videos about color management, about X-Rite products available to help you control color, and videos that feature fascinating interviews with X-Rite’s “Coloratti” – pros and experts who share their inspiration and their knowledge of color, and show examples of their high quality color images.  This website is truly an invaluable resource:

Norman Koren’s website:

An excellent and in-depth source of information about color management.  Several excellent tutorials on all aspects of the subject.

Digital Photography Review (DP Review):

Without a doubt, this is one of the finest sources on the web for information about digital photography.  If you are interested in researching a digital camera, or reading about the latest trends in digital technology, or just hanging out in one of the many discussion forums available, then you should pay a visit to this great website.

Books and Publications About Color Management

Real World Color Management,” 2nd Edition, by Bruce Fraser, Chris Murphy, and Fred Bunting

In my opinion, this is the quintessential reference guide to understanding color management and helping you create a meaningful color-managed workflow.  The book is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, numerous other sources.