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terms and conditions of sale

In order for you to receive an accurate custom printer profile, it is essential that you follow the instructions I have provided on my Instructions page, and also in the documents available on the Downloads page of my website.  It is also important that you carefully read and understand the information from Color Management 101, particularly the instructions relating to establishing a stable environment for your operating system and your printer.  I can only create a useful and accurate printer profile if you send me a target image that has been correctly printed in a stable operating environment.  Therefore, please fill out the order form completely, including the checklist and include with your order.  This is the only way I can know that you have followed the instructions for properly printing the target image.  I have provided a considerable amount of information on my website about making good use of a color-managed workflow, and how to set up your printer driver and your printer software for correctly printing the target image.  However, it is the responsibility solely of the purchaser to make sure the target image is correctly printed in a stable operating environment, with color management disabled in both the printing software and the printer driver.

The old adage, “Garbage in…. Garbage out,” is certainly true here.  Since it is impossible to know for sure whether or not the target image you send me has been properly created, I provide no guarantee as to the accuracy of any printer profile I build from your target image, and my liability is limited to the cost of the profile you purchase.  However, you should also understand that if you have carefully established a stable operating environment, and if you have printed the target image correctly, then the profile I create from that target image should provide you with excellent results and accurate color from your printer.

As explained in Color Management 101, I will only create profiles for RGB printers.  I will not profile CMYK printers.  I am able to provide printer profiles for a very wide range of photographic and fine art papers, but I do not have the capability of profiling reflective or transparent media that are designed for slide or overhead projectors.  I reserve the right to refuse a profiling job based on these criteria, if you send a target image printed on this type of media.  The purchaser is entitled to receive a refund under these circumstances.

If you contact me by email within five days of delivery regarding problems with your profile, I will make every effort to help you solve any problems you have with your profile — up to and including providing a new printer profile from a new target image that you provide. In the rare and unusual circumstance when we have exhausted all possibilities and we still fail to resolve your problem, I reserve the right to bring full closure to the issue by providing a refund of your payment for the profile.  (See my Instructions page for a more detailed description of how to report a problem you are having with your profile.)

The target image you print and send to me will become the property of Profiles by Rick when it is received, and it will not be returned to you.  I will save your target images for 30 days, after which they will be destroyed.

The profile you receive from me is designed for use only with the specific combination of printer and paper that you used to print the target image.  Print quality is NOT in any way guaranteed if you try to use the profile with a different printer, or with different paper.  The results you obtain under these circumstances are likely to be unreliable, at best.  Understand, also, that the profile is only designed to be used under the exact same stable operating conditions that were in existence at the time you printed your target image.  If you change any of the original parameters that were in effect at the time you printed the target – like changing the brand of ink, upgrading your operating system, installing a new printer driver, or other similar changes in operating environment as further described in Color Management 101 – then you will need to obtain a new profile.

The profile I provide is the property solely of the purchaser, and is not intended for resale or distribution in any way.  I try to retain copies of profiles for as long as possible, but I will not guarantee availability for more than 30 days from the date of creation.  I strongly recommend that you save a backup copy of your profile in case you experience a hard-drive crash or similar catastrophe that causes loss of data from your system.  I may not be able to send you another copy of your profile.

Your privacy is always a paramount concern to me.  I will never share with anyone – without specific written permission – any personal information of any nature that has been obtained from order forms, from emails or other correspondence, from phone conversations, or by any other means from information provided to me or to this website, either as a courtesy or in the ordinary course of business.

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