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Take a look at what clients say about my custom printer profiles and the service I provide…

  • “Excellent results! Thanks again.” –Alain A., 04/23/22— South Hadley, Massachusetts
  • “I received and downloaded the file. I also printed your instructions and will follow them. I’m going to set it all up tomorrow and I’ll let you know how it turns out. Thank you very much!” –Alain A., 04/22/22— South Hadley, Massachusetts
  • “Thank You Rick!!” –Painted P., 02/24/22— Edgewater, Colorado
  • “Amazing Rick, thank you. I can’t wait to give them [all] a try and will certainly report back.” –Kyle P., 01/06/22— Toluca Lake, California
  • “Thank you.  All profiles installed.  The saturation variant gives a good result.” –Al C., 12/29/21— Tucson, Arizona
  • “Thank you so much! I was racking my brain trying to get the colors right, wasting expensive photo paper.  Somehow I found your website through some [other] random website. Now it just prints the colors it’s supposed to print!  Yay!” –Kristine M., 11/03/21— Houma, Louisiana
  • “Thanks!! We were very happy with your profile for our Canon Pro-10 printer, so I have mailed the printouts to you for a profile for our Epson Pro3880. I paid yesterday via PayPal and put the sheets in the mail last night.” –Rick L., 10/28/21— Avondale, Georgia
  • “Thanks for sending the new profiles. What a difference! I’ve printed three images with differing moods, tones, etc., with my toning, and they are perfect. I can get back to work and will sleep better tonight. I’ll keep you in mind for future work.” –Frank P., 09/17/21— Portland, Maine
  • “Hi Rick, After much aggravation, changing settings, etc, I discovered it was the paper. I never would have guessed, but I talked to Epson and apparently there have been some bad batches, an issue they thought had been resolved last year. I tried new paper and everything is great again. There’s nothing wrong with the profiles and they work beautifully.” –Frank P., 01/21/21— Portland, Maine
  • “Just to let you know, I like how you gave me three variations.  I’ve always found some artwork works better with slight variations.  Thanks again” –Kirk G., 12/09/20— Santa Cruz, California
  • “Hi Rick, Thanks for the quick turnaround on the profile. I just tried it – brilliant! I compared the same image printed with your profile and the generic one for this type of paper that came with the printer, and there’s quite a noticeable difference. The print actually looks like the image on my monitor. Nice work.” –Frank P., 10/29/20— Portland, Maine
  • “Hi Rick, I have received the profiles you prepared for me and am very pleased with them. I am looking forward to experimenting with the three different variations. That said, I am having some other issues with color management and am having difficulty getting advice. It occurred to me that your expertise might be invaluable, so I am writing to ask if you might help me.” –Anthony A., 10/29/20— North York, Ontario, Canada
  • “Rick, Hey thanks so much for going to all the extra trouble for me. ” –Gale R., 09/04/20— Fort Smith, Arkansas
  • “Hi Rick: Your profile arrived in my mailbox this afternoon. Talk about quick service. You are amazing. The profile(s) are perfect. I couldn’t ask for a petter job. Thank you so much. I will be ordering additional profiles for other papers in the near future. It is a pleasure working with you. Take care and be safe.” –Jeff P., 06/22/20— Dallas, Texas
  • “Just made my first print using the neutral profile. It was spot on. As you know, color management is one of the challenges of digital photography. Knowing that I can count on the quality of your profiles removes much of the anxiety from the printing process. Thanks so much and stay well.” –Gary S., 04/28/20— Brooklyn, New York
  • “What you did was very thoughtful. Thank you very much. I know I’ve been a pain in the butt so I’m happy to show some appreciation. :)” –Shane Y., 04/19/20— New York, New York
  • “This is great, exactly what i was looking for; I wasn’t sure how to proceed and now I am. Thanks!” –Elizabeth C., 02/09/20— Austin, Texas
  • “Thanks for the excellent profiles, we now have production quality prints. Have a great Christmas.” –Peter G., 12/04/19— Banana Coast, Australia
  • “Hi Rick, We were very happy with your profile for our Canon Pro-10 printer, so I have mailed the printouts to you for a profile for our Epson Pro 3880” –Rick L., 11/05/19— Avondale Estates, Georgia
  • “Thanks, I have [given] each of the profiles a try, [and] they look great. They may make the Canon a rival to my Epson 3880. I was thinking of selling, but might keep it now.” –Rick L., 10/19/19— Avondale Estates, Georgia
  • “Thanks Rick – I appreciate your running these so quickly for me, and will put them to good use catching up on a number of print jobs that I’ve held off until these arrived.” –David W., 10/10/19— Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • “I’ve printed a couple of canvases on Epson Glossy medium using your ICC profiles. Well, I have to admit that their quality is somewhere between being perfect and excellent. This depends on the ambient light: when it is darker, the prints are perfect; when it is brighter, they are excellent. Color presentation, vibrance and saturation of the prints are practically the same as they look in Lightroom on my calibrated monitor. This is interesting that the original Epson ICC profile for this canvas does not produce the same good result. Moreover, unlike with the original profile, soft proofing of an image with the custom ICC profile and ‘simulate paper and ink’ checked requires almost no overcompensating – just slight adjustment to get rid of minor clipping and boosting contrast. I would like to say thank you for the excellent job you’ve done.” –Alex K., 10/05/19— Canoga Park, California
  • “I just wanted to say thanks for the ICC profile. I’m a digital painter and trying to get my prints to come out right without a whole lot of fudging has been a constant struggle for me for years. Who’d a thunk all this time I could have  just paid a professional $25 and they would solve it for me. I’ll be recommending your services to whoever complains to me about not being able to produce good art prints in the future.” –Dan J., 09/28/19— Asheville, North Carolina
  • “Rick, Thanks for your quick and complete response about the B&W profiles. Good explanation and now I understand how to proceed.” –Rick M., 08/12/19— Guilford, Connecticut
  • “Success!  No funky gradients.  In fact, skin tones have never looked better on these papers.” –Aaron F., 07/29/19— Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • “Hi Rick. Greetings from New Zealand. 😊  I hope you had a fantastic time away. Thanks SO much for the printer profiles. I’ve just tested out the one for the Ilford Gold Fibre Pearl and it is fantastic! Thanks so much for your service.” –Paul & Jess J., 07/28/19— Blenheim, New Zealand
  • “Rick: Thank you … this has worked out well. Pictures are printing a lot better.” –Chuck S., 05/26/19— Boise, Idaho
  • “Rick – [Thanks] for the new profiles. I’m looking forward to trying them out. All the others you’ve made for me over the years have been great!  Thanks for your quality and speed.” –David L., 05/17/19— Greenfield, Wisconsin
  • “Hi Rick, Love the profile, so useful.” –Winslow S., 04/12/19— Brooklyn, New York
  • “Rick, Thanks for the quick turn around, I have only printed with the neutral [profile] so far, but looks really good.” –David P., 03/01/19— Rohnert Park, California
  • “Rick. You are right. This profile is very good. I really appreciate all your help. Thank you very much.” –Eduardo S., 02/24/19— Mexico City, Mexico
  • “Sure thing, I’m very happy with my profile!  I haven’t paid close attention, as I don’t need really high accuracy, but for my uses it works absolutely great.” –Bobby B., 02/01/19— Renton, Washington
  • “Hello Rick, Thank you for the profile, I appreciate your hard work in getting colors as accurate as possible. I was able to try out the saturated profile, colors were close to what I [saw] on my screen, a big difference from image printed on same paper without the profile.” –Nicholet V., 01/06/19— Grants Pass, Oregon
  • “Rick: I’d been distracted and didn’t test the recent profiles you prepared until now. The two attachments show that the new profile… is excellent. The congruence is most satisfying. Thanks.” –James K., 09/16/18— Pasadena, California
  • “Thank you very much for sending my profiles so quickly. I had no trouble downloading them, placing them where they belong, and using them to make prints.” –Charles S., 09/16/18— Seattle, Washington
  • “Rick: Thank you indeed for a super-prompt response to my mangled email of last evening.” –James K., 08/15/18— Pasadena, California
  • “Hey Rick, thanks for the clarification. And I’m sorry for causing any problems – thanks for refunding the $75. I’m looking forward to working with the color profiles… and I know I’ll be ordering more from you as I add papers to my workflow.” –John M., 08/14/18— Brooklyn, New York
  • “Rick, Thanks for all your observations and advice.” –Nick J., 06/24/18— Soap Lake, Washington
  • “Hi Rick, Thank you for your fast response and an excellent profile!  The “base” profile provided by Red River was pretty good, but yours is better. Skin tones are pleasing, with smooth graduations in tonality.  I have a friend with a Canon 2000 that I will recommend your profiles to.” –Gordon K., 05/18/18— University Place, Washington
  • “Tonight I tried printing with your custom profiles (delivered yesterday). Each provided a very obvious, major improvement. Wow, I’m so glad I got custom profiles from you. The prints both more closely match my (calibrated and profiled) monitor and just subjectively look better. Thanks!” –Dave R., 04/08/18— New Orleans, Louisiana
  • “Wow! I didn’t expect a reply. Certainly not such a helpful one. I’ll be spending some time playing with every knob and dial I can find, and probably learning more than I expected about color. I’m glad I have [your] good ICC profiles to start from.” –Kevin W., 01/27/18— Austin, Texas
  • “Hi Rick — Thanks for the quick turnaround. I haven’t used all of the profiles yet, but they are much, much better this time. All the best, and I am sure we will be in touch again as I need to profile new papers/equipment.” –John C., 01/21/18— McLean, Virginia
  • “Rick… I just wanted to tell you how well your new profiles are working out for me. It’s taken me a lot of reading to convince myself that I really needed custom profiles – your website had enough information to tip the scales! This is a major step forward for me, one that I had hoped for but didn’t know what to expect. Thanks very much for your work and your very informative website.” –Bob W., 12/13/17— Waterford, Connecticut
  • “Thank you, Rick, for getting this done over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.” –London H., 11/28/17— Los Angeles, California
  • “Hi Rick – Good news. Problem solved! The profiles result in good-looking prints from PSP, so it appears that the profiles are correct. Thanks again for spending the time to understand what was going on with PSP and the Pro-100, and for delivering good profiles. I will very-likely come back and have you profile other papers with my Pro-100.” –John S., 11/19/17— Washington, D.C.
  • “Hi Rick, I used the profiles to reprint some pictures, and they look 100x better. Thanks so much, [I’m] sure I’ll be using your service again.” –Brijinder G., 10/21/17— Huntington Beach, California
  • “OK,I understand. Thanks for your patience.” –Michael S., 10/13/17— Brooklyn, New York
  • “Hi Rick – “Thanks for the quick and informative response.” –John S., 09/30/17— Washington, D.C.
  • “Rick – Just finished printing an image of some flowers I took in Bangkok.  The print absolutely, positively matches my monitor, PERFECTLY!!!!!!-WOW,even Jesus would be impressed.” –Michael S., 09/29/17— Brooklyn, New York
  • “Hey Rick – WOW. All I can say is if you give a crap about your prints you can’t afford not to have profiles made. Great job!” –Jason C., 07/28/17— Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • “Just a note to say -Thank You- for the profile.  I was using a Red River profile for my Canon Image PROGRAF 1000 which was pretty good, but…yours is better. Thank you for the quick turnaround as well.  I will be sending you another set for the Red River “Palo Duro Soft Gloss Rag”, which is my current paper of choice for custom portraits. Thank you once again for doing a good job.” –Gordon K., 06/24/17— University Place, Washington
  • “Hi Rick – I want to thank you again for your extra effort creating a set of profiles for my i9900 and Red River Paper. It was a real pleasure to work with you and I learned a great deal from your explanations—both on your website and in the materials you sent to me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your service or use it again myself. Excellent. Thanks for your work and support.” –Steven S., 06/23/17— Bainbridge Island, Washington
  • “I am loving the profiles! I have tried 3 of them and they are showing a significant upgrade from the canned versions. Will you be home next week? I plan to have a couple more made.” –Steve T., 06/13/17— Grand Junction, Colorado
  • “Rick— Thank you for your detailed explanations.  The time you have given me is really very generous. The sense I have is that this aspect of photography is very engaging for you.” –Steven S., 05/30/17— Bainbridge Island, Washington
  • “Rick; Got the profiles, they look great. Test prints later this week, I’ll let you know results. Thanks for your help on this… You da man.” –Bob P., 05/15/17— Greenbank, Washington
  • “Hi Rick! Your profile was right on! My old rescued Epson 9600 is feeling good and the colors are perfect. Another problem I had with my old profile was that black and white had a color cast and color in shadows was much too dark. Now, it’s alive! Thank you very much for your excellent service. I’m going to forward this information to Joe at Ink 2 Image where I get my pigment inks for the 9600.” –Jim H., 03/29/17— Rockville, Utah
  • “Rick, I’m sending another payment because you earned it. Thanks for working on those San Gabriel paper profiles twice – they were good the first time around. I have no idea why my system required a name change to work. I appreciate your effort. Thanks.” –Mike C., 02/03/17— Ramona, California
  • “Rick, The profiles look great, I can hardly see any difference comparing test prints with my calibrated display, and it’s the ultimate goal. But I also want to thank you for your attitude helping to resolve my issues, fast and very thorough feedback, all handled with high professionalism. I really enjoyed working with you and will recommend you without any doubt to anybody requiring such job. Thanks a lot and best regards.” –Victor P., 02/03/17— San Jose, California
  • “Hi Rick, The profiles are great. I’ve just had a chance to put them through their paces and the results are wonderful. Thanks for the good info along with them as well.” –David A., 01/25/17— Castleton, New York
  • “Hi Rick, Got the profiles, they’re perfect! Thanks for doing this… ” –Bruce F., 12/23/16— Portola Valley, California
  • “Rick. Downloaded and unzipped the profiles. Will hopefully check today or tomorrow, before my trip this weekend. Thanks for the great service!” –Dennis D., 08/29/16— Scarsdale, New York
  • “Hello Rick, Just a quick note to let you know that I was able to download the profiles without any problems.  I tested all three profiles and they all gave excellent results.  I can’t wait to make prints on a large scale for a show I am planning.  Thank you for your service.  I will definitely use you again in the future.” –Steven W., 08/02/16— Bridgewater, New Jersey
  • “Rick, the profile worked great. Thanks,” –Alan T., 07/27/16— Chesterfield, Virginia
  • “Thanks for the speedy reply. As soon as I get back home (on a business trip right now) I will order a profile. Thanks again,” –Stephen N., 07/24/16— Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • “Hi Rick – the profile you made for me last weekend looks great – thanks for the quick turn around” –Paul S., 07/20/16— Needham, Massachusetts
  • “Awesome! Thanks for your quick response. I will likely have a few more profiles for you later.” –Matthew H., 04/15/16— Tampa, Florida
  • “Rick I have done some printing the last 2 days and have no issues with results from your profiles regarding colours with both Moab and Canson papers.” –Tom S., 03/08/16— Warkworth, Ontario, Canada
  • “Thanks for your reply Rick. Again, I appreciate you time and thoughts. Thanks again for your expertise.” –Shane Y., 2/22/16— New York, New York
  • “Hi Rick. Got the profiles – I love what I’ve tested so far for the color! Thank you!” –Shane Y., 02/15/16— New York, New York
  • “Rick, Thank you for your fast response!” –Renato L., 02/01/16— Lisbon, Portugal
  • “Thanks for your fast response.” –Chris B., 12/14/15— Saint Robert, Missouri
  • “Rick, Thank you for your awesome response. I look forward to installing and using the profiles you created.” –Silvio R., 8/8/15– Scottsdale, Arizona
  • “Hi, I have had you do color profiles for me before and they are great.” –Cameron K., 8/3/15– Redmond, Oregon
  • “Hi Rick, Got great results already with your profiles, thanks a lot. Impatient to print more soon.” –Clement M., 07/28/15– Zurich, Switzerland
  • “Hi Rick, I just made a few tests with the new profile and so far it does appear to be much better than all the profiles that came with the printer as well as the one that [B]reathing [C]olor provides for that particular paper. I will most likely be purchasing a few more profiles soon. Thank you!” –Chris K., 06/17/15– Edgewater, Colorado
  • “Got it, installed it, printed with it. Perfect!” –Robert D., 06/14/15– Clayton, California
  • “Perfect! Thanks” –Jim H., 04/30/15– Oxford, Mississippi
  • “Bonjour Rick, Thank you for the profile. I tried the 3 variants and I am very happy with the outcome. I am preparing another photo exhibition so this is a welcome improvement to my bag of tools… Photography is a hobby for me but I am quite passionate about getting good printing results. Your expertise has added to the quality and the enjoyment of my work.” –Pierre C., 04/07/15– St-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec, Canada
  • “Rick; I did a test print of each neutral profile. WOW they are way beyond my expectations. I have been shooting for over 45 years, from 8×10 to digital, and I have rarely seen anything make as much of a difference in my workflow as these profiles will… Thank You for a job very well done.” –Bob S., 03/12/15– Atlanta, Georgia
  • “Thanks Rick. The color profile variants that you sent several days ago produced some gorgeous prints. I’ll try this B[&]W out later today. I’ll be coming to you for all my profiles. My needs aren’t great but when I do need one I’ll send to to you. Thanks” –John G., 02/11/15– The Woodlands, Texas
  • “Rick, Thanks for being so thorough. My printer seems to print as expected with ordinary plain paper and photo papers. The profile you sent makes the colors a little more vivid — just the right amount for my purposes — so I am happy with the profile you sent.” –John Y., 11/18/14– Boulder, Colorado
  • “Hi Rick, Just a quick note to let you know that the profiles are fantastic. I’ve made test prints on the Ilford Galerie Gold Silk Fibre from the one profile and that is superb. And I’ve test printed the Inkjet Art profile on all my matte papers and [it] works nicely on all of them. Perfectly on the Inkjet Art paper, but acceptably neutral and saturated on the others. I do lots of black and white work, so neutral B&W is the real test of a great profile for me, and these are excellent. Thanks so much. I’ll be sure to make a public noise about your great quality and service with my photo mates and on forums.” –Jim S., 11/15/14– Masterton, New Zealand
  • “Rick, Your profiles installed and work perfectly, a great improvement over what I was getting. And for the Breathing Color matte paper I even had an icc profile provided by them and it doesn’t work as well as yours does.” –Roy H., 07/29/14– Snohomish, Washington
  • “Rick, I printed all three profiles today. I used printer test images and the results were the best to date for the museo paper. the color as well as the black and white an almost perfect match to the soft proof on the monitor.” –Stephen B., 04/05/14– Fairburn, Georgia
  • “Rick, I would like to thank you for the timely delivery of my profiles.
    This is my first try at a profile, and I must say, that after a few initial prints, I am very happy.
    You have achieved good colour accuracy and saturation, on all 3 of the profiles. I was unable to achieve this on my own, regardless of the adjustments I was making.” –Specs P., 11/11/13– Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • “Thanks a lot! The profiles work beautifully. Another order is coming.” –Oleg M., 10/26/13– Madison, Wisconsin
  • “Rick, thanks for getting the profiles worked out so fast on this Sunday afternoon. I just printed my test target out and my gray balance and colors are perfect.” –Alan T., 08/11/13– Chesterfield, Virginia
  • “Rick:  I have had an opportunity to do a considerable amount of printing with the custom printer ICC profiles that you sent me.  I wanted to drop a line to thank you.  I have used canned profiles, I have made my own profiles and I have had some profiles made by others with varying degrees of success. Conventional wisdom states that you can never fully match color from a print with color from a screen.  Based upon what is coming out of my printer using your profiles… you can’t prove that by me.  Your printer profiles are exceptional.  Thanks again.” –Ken J., 04/07/13– Coatesville, Pennsylvania
  • “Once again, thanks! You’re always so prompt and easy to do business with.” –Carol H., 03/07/13– Sandpoint, Idaho
  • “I’ve installed both of the profiles today and they’ve worked out great – thank you for your accurate and quick service! I shall be sending more profiles your way as we expand our paper selections in the coming months. Many thanks!” –Jan M., 02/10/13– Phoenix, Arizona
  • “I compared this print using your profile (Classic variant) to the result I got by using the standard Epson profile. Side by side, I prefer the result of your profile. It yields a cleaner look devoid of excess saturation. I prefer the neutrality that results from your profile. I thank you for your patience and perseverence. I will recommend your service without hesitation.” –Pierre C., 02/08/13– St-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec, Canada
  • “Rick, Loaded the profiles and have printed color only so far but am very happy with results. Had been printing through a custom profile made for my Epson 3800 and now the 7800 is close to a dead match.” –Jim S., 1/16/13– Bradford, Massachusetts
  • “Wow, you’re awesome – thank you for doing that so quickly!!!!” –Amir R., 01/11/13– Houston, Texas
  • “AWESOME!  Worked Great. Could not be happier. Thank You.” –Joshua F., 12/10/12– Freeport, Illinois
  • “Rick, Followed your instructions. Profiles are installed correctly and I printed a few “problematic” 8×10’s today with great results. Not sure what color style I like, but any one of them is so much better than the stuff I was getting. Thanks again.” –The D. Group, 12/03/12– Palm Coast, Florida
  • “Hey Rick, Another great set of profiles!” –Robert D., 12/01/12– Clayton, California
  • “Thank you- thank you – thank you. I received and installed my new profiles per your thorough instructions downloaded from your website. I have printed the Granger Rainbow from Steve’s (again thanks) and understand what you meant about using it. I can see from the results I have gotten so far that a marked improvement has been accomplished.” –The D. Group, 12/01/12– Palm Coast, Florida
  • “I visited your web site earlier today and firstly wanted to congratulate you on the appearance, excellent content and accessibility I discovered there. It is not often I come across a web site that offers such a positive user experience and great information too.” –Rashi S., 6/29/12– South Derbyshire, England
  • “Thanks for the quick turnaround.  [Your profiles] are far far better than the company provided profiles.  They really make a huge difference.”  –Ira W., 5/15/12– Montclair, New Jersey
  • “Rick, …The profiles are perfect!  Thanks for the quick turnaround.”  –Roger B., 11/09/2011– East Orange, New Jersey
  • “Aloha Rick, I cannot thank you enough.  I’ve been trying… to figure out color management for [my] new printer [Epson 9900, working on Mac OSX 10.7 with Photoshop CS5].  Anyhow, after frustrating Google searches and reading, reading, reading… finally I must have asked the right question in the search bar because I found your page.  And dang, if [your solution] didn’t just work PERFECTLY!!!!  If you’re ever on the Big Island, Hawaii… do look us up cuz we’re buying you and yours dinner!  Huge mahalos (thanks) from a lovely rainforest in Hawaii!”  –Karen K., 11/04/2011– Volcano, Hawaii
  • “Hi Rick, GREAT success!  Your new profiles are giving me the best photos I have ever been able to produce.  Thanks very much for your patience in helping me.”  –Tom B., 10/24/2011– Ventura, California
  • “Hi Rick, The profile made a huge difference for the better.  The most noticeable change is in gray tones and improved contrast.  Worth every penny!  Thanks…”  –Henry G., 9/21/2011– New York, New York
  • “WOW!  Rick, the profiles look amazing!  Finally my Epson Pro 4000 is revealing its true potential!  The greys are almost perfectly neutral all the way through the scale, the colors are rich, the blacks are deep, and there is a lot of detail in all three profiles.  I think the colorful one is my favorite.  Thanks again Rick!  –Greg W., 9/09/2011– Seattle, Washington
  • “Thanks, Rick.  Your superior customer service is greatly appreciated.”  –Glen M., 9/06/2011– Middletown, Maryland
  • “I downloaded the profiles and ran some prints today.  They look stupendous on the Premium Luster paper.  Thanks for everything.”  –Mike B., 8/30/2011– Atco, New Jersey
  • “Hi Rick: profile works great. Unworkable results before – the result of new OS system and 3rd party inks I think, but could not get anything close to neutrals. In fact everything seemed so far off, I was doubtful a profile could fix it.  thanks again.”   –Carl Z., 7/11/2011– Marble Mountain, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • “Rick, Thanks so much for rushing this. Profiles seem to be working out fine and in time for my show this weekend.”   –Will K., 4/26/2011– Yorktown Heights, New York
  • “Rick, Thanks for your assistance and patience.”
   –John B., 4/24/2011– Trinity, Florida
  • “Rick, Thank you for the encouragement and the quick response . . .!”
   –Carol H., 4/05/2011– Sandpoint, Idaho
  • “Rick, I won’t be home for a couple days, didn’t expect you to get it back so fast!”
   –Dennis S., 3/01/2011– Spring Hill, Florida
  • “Rick, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!”   
–Rod B., 2/05/2011– Port Ludlow, Washington
  • “Rick, Thank you for your advice and keeping our dialogue open…  Thanks again for all your help!”   –Mike B., 11/15/2010– Atco, New Jersey
  • “Rick, The new profiles you created work well… a definite improvement over the generic profiles that came with my SP 7900 printer…Thank you for all of your help with this. I’m sure I will be ordering additional profiles from you in the near future.”   —Jean-Louis M., 8/30/2010– Washington, D.C.
  • “Hello Rick!  I have stumbled upon your site and work and read all your articles.  You seem to know your subject!”   –Dan McK., 8/04/2010– Unsolicited email from unknown location
  • “With your profiles, when compared, my prints got the punch they were missing.  I should contact you soon for profiles, again!  Thank you!”
   –José M., 8/02/2010– Alijo, Portugal
  • “Ok, I couldn’t wait., I went home for lunch and instead of eating, I played. I loaded the profiles and the difference is not subtle. Awesome is more appropriate. All three profiles blew away my canned profile from Epson. I never would have believed it had I not done it myself. It’s pretty silly that I’ll spend 6 grand on a birding lens and then hem & haw about having a $25 profile made….how stupid is that!  Great job on the profiles, thanks for your quick reply to the initial issues!”
   –George B., 7/29/2010– Germantown, Tennessee
  • “Hi Rick, I’ve changed from Epson ink to MIS pro ink and I’m delighted to say that the MIS pro ink[s] with your profiles look better than my Epson inks with their standard profiles ever did. Great web site & very clear instructions btw.  Many thanks…”   
–Simon W.,  3/25/2010– Talala, Oklahoma
  • “Good Afternoon Rick!  Your profiles have been great… Colorwise better than ANY “canned” profiles by Epson/ Red River/ Lyson INK2 IMAGE…THX for the good Job!..”
   –Eddie W.,  8/18/2009– Andover, Massachusetts
  • “Rick, just ran your [Advanced] B/W profile… looks great!”   
–Tony D., 8/5/2009– Bella Vista, California
  • “Rick, Thank you for the profiles! The timing was perfect, I was able to do a sample 11×14 printout of a photo taken at a swim meet yesterday, which led to several people signing up to get prints.”   
–Michael B., 7/26/2009– Thousand Oaks, California
  • “Rick, thanks for your quick turnaround. I printed a photo using your ‘colorful’, as well as your ‘chroma’ profiles and the results look great. Your instructions were very helpful, and could not have been written any better. Thanks again for your service.”
   –Rafael C., 7/16/2009– Coppell, Texas
  • “Hello Rick, Just to let you know that my custom profiles that you just made for me have been working wonderful!!!  My prints using Hahnemuhle ICC profiles came out really good. But using the custom profiles that you provided me, they have been outstanding. I haven’t tried yet your B/W profile, but I [feel confident] it won’t be any problem. Thank you, and for sure I’m going to ask you to make more custom profiles for me.”   
–Carlos R., 7/15/2009– Doylestown, Pennsylvania
  • “You [have been] really terrific. Thanks for spending the time for such a detailed response. I will get the order form, payment info etc on its way. Many thanks.”
   –Ed L., 7/14/2009– Paterson, New Jersey
  • “As the British say – spot on ! I only had the chance to print a few but the results were great. Thank you for your quick service and turnaround.”
   –Albert S., 6/30/2009– Ridgewood, New Jersey
  • “Rick, I’ve learned so much on color management from your site.”
   –Cheryl H., 6/30/2009– Unsolicited email from unknown location
  • “Rick: Just a quick note to confirm for you that the profiles are superb – exactly what I was hoping for, so please consider me a very satisfied client. Thank you very much!”
   –David W., 6/23/2009– Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • “Your comments on your web site on [the problem of printing the target image with Lightroom] are informative and concise.”   
–Ed K., 6/20/2009– Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
  • “Hi Rick, Wow – that is what anybody would call fast delivery!!  Downloaded and installed. Took the day off and have run printer test files on all the profiles, all printing with LR. I used “Colorful” but will play with the others depending on subject.  Absolutely excellent!!  I then processed a couple of personal files, one colour and converted another to B&W with Silver Efex. Again bang on. The “Advanced B&W Photo” will be good as you can play a bit with the settings. Really appreciate the great service and expertise Rick.”
   –Ed K., 6/18/2009– Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
  • “Hi Rick. Your suggestion worked. Now I understand everything. Thanks for your help and quick response. I rechecked all of my settings and everything is in agreement with your instructions which are very straightforward.”   
–Albert S., 6/15/2009– Ridgewood, New Jersey
  • “I been having great success with the profile that you sent me for the watercolor paper. I sure appreciate the time that you spent on the project and am looking forward to sending you some insane type of media to scan in the future. Thanks again.”
   –Michael S., 12/11/2008– Seminole, Florida
  • “In a classic case of Fire, Ready, Aim, I’ve now read all your instructions, and they actually make sense.”
   –Jonathan H., 8/20/2008– Westport, Connecticut